Sunday, 16 March 2008

..... love you

I Love Purely, and will never loose hope, for to love You alone is my Only Joy! I love you with a love I seem to lose with my lost Saints. I love you with my smiles and my Tears Of all My Life!... And if God chooses, I can't promise that I shall Be yours because... I don't know just how far my misfortunes may reach, or what punishments are reserved for my fault. I do promise You shall never receive the displeasure of seeing me another Love than You. I shall Love You Infinitely! I love you like the gaze of starburst Lillies through my porch window. Can you imagine behind furniture, underneath the bed there lies small particles that in some way sustain each other, quietly without drawing immediate attention. So definitely present and existing. I love you without knowing How, When, or Where.I remember, You are My first Love. How I never had expected such a polarizing warmth as I dream of you, I'm sure this is far to feeble of me , but I bear it all, humble before you.. I Love You from My Soul. I Love You freely like an Eagle Soars and his wings widens. I hold nothing back, My Love Runs faster than the Rushing water of niagra falls bends to greet the stillness of the rocks.As it folds and dips through the currents, what now survives is the large array of colors that touches my heart and leaves me a picture of a Rainbow.
Celeste Murrell

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no se ingles pero intentare traducilo,gracias.......